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About | The BullBag

The BullBag is the ONLY  reusable and foldable dumpster bag that was designed and built to be Contractor Tough . It is easily stored, simple to use and is backed by our manufacturers Lifetime Warranty. The BullBag now has 1 price for each disposal so you know what you are paying from the beginning and can set your budget for your project by knowing the total cost up front for disposal. The BullBag is reusable, easy to set up, will never damage your property and as long as it's used according to design, will be replaced if damaged. If you are a contractor, just give us a call! BullBag offers tiered pricing for discounts!!! Best of all, BullBag Wranglers have a goal of emptying the contents of your BullBags within 48 business hours of order placement in most areas! No metal dumpster company can do that! BullBag also enables you to place your disposals over the phone with a live customer service rep without a fee! The other bag company charges up to $8 to do this! BullBag does not charge a fee for it's excellent caring customer service.

HUGE size for your Reusable Dumpster Bags & Dumpster Rentals

The BullBag is available in a huge 6.5' x 6.5' x 4.5' high size! BullBags hold up to 4,500 lbs or 2.25 tons so go ahead and fill it! It's water permeable so you don't have to worry about water collecting.  If you are a contractor, just give us a call and we will introduce you to your Contractor Concierge hired just for you! Contractors also receive special pricing once you are signed up!

The Advantages to BullBag

  • You own your BullBag so it is ready whenever you are
  • Cost effective, flexible, reusable and lightweight
  • Easy to use and store
  • Replaces large metal dumpsters
  • Perfect for your junk removal, clean out and debris removal
  • Won't damage your driveway, sidewalk or lawn
  • 1 size bag 1 price disposal* - no surprise overweight fees like a metal dumpster
    • *PLEASE only fill to 20 inches with certain materials - please review pricing page for specifics about any additional fees
  • Contractor exclusive pricing.
  • No scheduling rentals or waiting for dumpsters to be delivered
  • Eliminates strangers in your home removing your junk!
  • Keep multiple empty BullBags in a small storage area
  • BullBags can be placed and picked up in hard to reach areas that metal dumpsters can't – please give us a call prior to placement
  • Ideal for all household renovation, clean out, construction, job-site clean ups and remediation jobs
  • BullBag can pick up from within your property - just sign a waiver and we will accomodate your needs!
  • Handles any job - big or small
  • BullBags hold 4,500LBS/2.25 tons
  • NEVER a fee to speak with or schedule your disposal with a caring customer service rep like the other bag company!

Still have questions? Email us at info@thebullbag.com or click here to submit your request http://www.thebullbag.com/contact-us or call 866-414-2855(BULL)


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